Jon Ian Sayles grew up with artists in the family and decided to upgrade his own art to film. At the age of 16 Sayles was watching Motown 40 (the 40th anniversary of Motown records) and from then on Sayles wanted have a business for himself.

The company name Edwin Entertainment comes from his uncle Edwin Lee Widemen- who was a hairdresser and highly influencal figure for the young Sayles. Widemen died in 1991 when his young nephew Jon Sayles was 8 years old.

Throughout his school years, Jon Sayles has been an actor, athlete and as many other activities as he could. During his junior year of college,  he took a class on film and video at the Career Education Center.

Sayles' first movie- "FOLLOW YOUR HEART", was a mild success and is subject to reboot.  The film followed the success of his stageplay "LIFE & TIMES OF OL' ALFRED", a historical drama based on his family's post-slavery lineage.

Jon Sayles has been doing plays and movies all his life, and is looking forward to making more.